Monday, 14 October 2013

Meadham Kirchoff

The floor littered with dying roses and a cascade of witching blacks, blood reds and regal gold’s set to a foreboding soundtrack, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchoff embroiled during histrionics with an exquisitely gleeful collection. These semi- dismantled, sinister dramatics were offset with the exquisite couture this design duo are known for, albeit delivered with bite. Victorian style satin dresses, lacy bedtime smocks and Chanel-style suits flirted with bat shaped sunglasses and vampire red wigs in a cheerfully a historical ode to Elizabeth I, the royal who exclusively wore black, red and gold. I loved the theatricality of this show, how'd you guys like it? 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A charming two-piece.

I’m on the hunt for a two piece. I’ve always been obsessed with casual tailoring, and Paul Smith’s collection this week reminded me of the unmistakable charms of a slick silk two piece. You know the one you could wear with pumps or with chunky heels? The elusive suit of dreams, one I will be sure to wear from now, until I hit like...60! I have been searching for this suit for so long now, when I find it I’ll buy it in 4 colors: black, nude, tomato red and electric blue. Until then, I will continue to pair slouchy black pieces together a quick fix D.I.Y version until I stumble across the real deal.

London Fashion Week- Osman AW/12

I loved the Rorschach/nebulous runway carpet. The brocade style prints are intoxicating to look at, just so rich. And a graduated cape over skinny pants is a genius shape.